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Funda Mzantsi Championship Celebrates 13 Years of Promoting Literacy and Transformation



Funda Mzantsi 2023

George, Western Cape – The prestigious Funda Mzantsi Championship is marking a significant milestone as it turns 13. This renowned event, born from a collaboration between the Department of Correctional Services (DCS), the National Library of South Africa (NLSA), and George Local Municipality, has been a beacon of hope and change for over a decade, per SANews.

Funda Mzantsi is a powerful testament to celebrating literacy and nurturing a profound love for reading. Over the past 12 years, it has captivated the hearts and minds of readers and spectators alike, offering an enlightening and enjoyable experience.

This year, from today until 6 October, the event promises another unforgettable celebration in George, Western Cape. 299 inmates representing all nine provinces will compete against book clubs from universities, public schools, and communities.

The championship features assessments in four categories: impromptu reading, debating, spelling bee, and book reviewing. Readers will engage with an array of captivating books, including titles such as Imizila Yegazi, Indodana yoNongo, Umandisa, Small Things, Om op eiers te dans, Tshedza tsho tovhowa, and Ngaka Mosadi mooka, among others.

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What truly sets the Funda Mzantsi Championship apart is its direct engagement between book clubs of diverse backgrounds. This initiative is firmly committed to enhancing the reading culture and eradicating illiteracy throughout South Africa. With the involvement of the NLSA, there’s a harmonious and well-coordinated effort with other programs sharing similar objectives.

Beyond literacy, this program equips inmates with a precious opportunity for a second chance in life. It fosters the capacity to make informed choices and encourages individuals to become more discerning and enlightened.

As aptly put by the Department of Correctional Services, “It is through reading that we acquire knowledge, learn about different cultures, explore scientific discoveries, and understand the wisdom of the ages. Whether it is reading textbooks for academic excellence or diving into literature to cultivate empathy and creativity, reading is the bridge to a brighter future.”

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