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NCOP Advances Major Basic Education Reforms with Passage of BELA Bill




Despite opposition from parties concerned about its potential costs and impact on parental rights, the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) passed the controversial Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill (also known as the BELA Bill), signalling significant reforms ahead for the primary education sector.

According to EWN, the NCOP’s decision follows a delay last week due to a tabling error in the bill and the select committee’s report, which has since been rectified.

Those against the BELA Bill argue it could incur billions in costs for the country and curtail parents’ authority over their children’s education.

The technical glitch last week postponed the bill’s passage, but on Tuesday, NCOP members adopted it despite resistance from the Western Cape.

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Opposing parties also express concerns about the potential financial burden and excessive regulation of homeschooling under the bill.

Cathlene Labuschagne of the Democratic Alliance warns that BELA could cost taxpayers nearly R18 billion, excluding uncosted expenses.

In contrast, Nokuzola Ndongeni of the African National Congress views the bill as a landmark achievement with far-reaching implications for educational transformation.

With the NCOP’s approval, the BELA Bill now advances for final processing in the National Assembly before the current term concludes on Thursday.

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