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Midrand Learner Transport Association Prepared to Safely Transport Learners This Year



Midrand Learner Transport Association

Ready to commit to transporting learners safely this year, the Midrand Learner Transport Association (MLTA) is introducing stringent measures for drivers. The association urges parents to be cautious of unregistered individuals falsely claiming to provide learner transport services. MLTA ensures roadworthiness by inspecting all cars and affixing MLTA stickers, signifying registration with Gauteng Education Transport Services (Gets).

Thabo Seletisha, MLTA vice chairperson, stressed the importance of verifying cars, checking for MLTA stickers, and indicating proper registration. As part of their 2024 goals, the association aims for member drivers to transport the correct number of children, charge reasonable prices, and avoid overloading vehicles. Punishments for rule violations range from fines to removal from the association, including removing MLTA stickers.

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Last year, MLTA, in collaboration with Gets, conducted a roadshow to educate owners, drivers, and parents on transport safety. The roadshow, featuring officials from the Johannesburg Metro Police Department, SAPS, and Gets, enhanced knowledge about road safety.

Rita Makhafola, the secretary, highlighted the positive impact of the roadshow on MLTA members and other associations, highlighting the improved understanding of safety measures. Treasurer Libion Makubela addressed challenges related to unregistered motorists endangering children. He stressed the importance of making parents aware of the risks associated with unregistered cars, emphasising the difficulty in identifying them when incidents occur.


Makubela noted that unregistered cars sometimes exploit parents, collecting money and disappearing when it’s time to transport the children, turning parents into scam victims. The MLTA remains dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of learners in their transport service.

Source: Midrand Learner Transport Association ready to commit to transporting learners safely this year

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