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Local Fees Surge for Parents in Kwa-Thema and Langaville in 2024



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Parents in Kwa-Thema and Langaville will face higher local fees in 2024 as the Kwa-Thema and Langaville Early Childhood Development (ECD) Association confirms a fee increase for all daycares. The chairperson of the organisation, Mbali Ntshangase, cited the country’s escalating cost of living crisis as the primary reason for the fee adjustment.

Ntshangase emphasised the challenge of daycares struggling to meet the minimum wage standards for ECD practitioners, expressing the association’s commitment to enhancing the quality of education and providing balanced nutrition for all children in their centres.

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The fee hike is also attributed to the rising food costs, prompting the need for additional funds to refresh paint, acquire educational materials, and invest in new furniture for the children. To sustain these improvements, school fees will increase from R500 to R550.

In addition to the fee adjustments, the association announced changes to registration costs. New applicants will now pay R200 for registration while returning applicants will see a registration fee of R100. These adjustments aim to address the financial challenges ECD daycares face and ensure the continued provision of quality education and care for the children in the community.


Source: Local fees to rise at ECD daycares

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