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EFF Urges Swift Action on Hair Row at Crowthorne Christian Academy



hair row at Crowthorne Christian Academy

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Gauteng demands an expedited investigation by the provincial education department into the hair row at Crowthorne Christian Academy in Midrand. IOL reports that the incident involved forcefully removing a learner from the school premises due to her sporting dreadlocks. The school has since been temporarily closed, and the principal’s husband, Andries Hendrik Booysen, was arrested and appeared before the Midrand Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, facing two charges of assault.

A viral video of the incident circulated on social media platforms earlier this week, capturing the school principal Tanya Booysen and her husband barring the student from attending class because of her dreadlocks. The girl’s parents recorded the incident after the school instructed their daughter to leave and remove her dreadlocks.

The EFF in Gauteng strongly condemned the school’s policy and its implications, asserting that such policies institutionalise racism by promoting white physical traits as the norm while marginalising African characteristics. EFF’s Dunga stated, “We deplore such a policy because it seeks to suggest there is something abnormal and problematic about African people and our blackness and that we must strive and evolve to a higher and more acceptable standard, whiteness.”

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The party called for swift action by the Gauteng Department of Education against the school, which is not fully registered. Dunga emphasised solidarity with the student and her family, urging the department to hold the school and its responsible individuals accountable for their actions.


In a show of solidarity, EFF structures organised a picket outside Crowthorne Christian Academy and the Midrand Magistrate’s Court during the bail application of Andries Booysen. The NPA spokesperson in Gauteng confirmed that Booysen got out on R2,000 bail with specific conditions, including non-interference with state witnesses.

The case’s next court appearance is scheduled for October 2 as investigations continue. The incident on August 14 stemmed from a disagreement between the school principal and a learner’s mother regarding the school’s policy on dreadlock hairstyles. The dispute escalated to the alleged physical altercation involving the school principal’s husband.

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