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N12 Blue Light Hijackers Strike Once More



couple was hijacked on the N12 highway

A couple was hijacked on the N12 highway, showing how more motorists have become targets of brazen criminals in the region where there has recently been a spate of murders, hijackings, and robberies.

The couple from Benoni are the latest victims after they were accosted along the N12 highway near Holfontein Road. According to the woman, while travelling from Delmas to Benoni on June 29, a ‘police vehicle’ fitted with blue lights stopped their Ford Ranger bakkie.

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The criminals, disguised as police officers, tied them up, stole their belongings, including jewellery and cellphones, and demanded their bank account pins. The couple escaped after the hijackers abandoned them near the N12 Etwatwa off-ramp. They have since reported the kidnapping and attempted hijacking to Sundra SAPS.

The N12 highway has been a concerning area for such crimes, prompting warnings for motorists to remain vigilant while driving in the region.


Source: N12 blue light hijackers strike again

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Picture: Twitter / Intelligence Bureau SA

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