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Alex Northrand Local Football Association Seeks New Technical Director



Alex Northrand LFA

The hunt is on for a new technical director at the Alex Northrand LFA to oversee the coaching department. Following the departure of Tsietsi’ Tsivo’ Letsoela, the association is seeking fresh leadership in this role. Tsivo expressed disappointment, claiming he felt dismissed after his resignation was met with no response. The LFA, represented by Secretary General Malvin Khumalo, clarified that Tsivo’s departure was due to his desire to focus on club coaching.

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With the recent AGM lifting the requirement for the technical director to coach a club, the position is open for applicants. Khumalo explained that the rule change allows candidates like Tsivo, who previously couldn’t apply, to do so now. Tsivo confirmed his departure from AmaSkills United, leaving him without a club affiliation. The Alex Northrand LFA awaits applications for this pivotal role, emphasising inclusivity under the new regulations.

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Picture: Unsplash / Michael Soledad

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