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Homegrown Tech Scouting App Unearths Female Soccer Talent



local tech scouting app

A local tech scouting app, BallTalent, is making waves by spotlighting talented female soccer players, giving them the recognition they deserve from local and international scouts. Founded by Simon Mokgotlhoa (30) and Lesego Ndlovu (29), this Soweto-based innovation aims to bridge the gap between undiscovered local talent and opportunities in soccer.

With the rapid growth of women’s soccer in recent years, BallTalent stepped in to provide a platform for emerging players. The app showcases essential player data and match footage. It is an invaluable tool for scouts who want to identify potential talents without the logistical challenges of attending every match in person.

Mokgotlhoa explains that lower-league matches, where many undiscovered talents reside, often lack television coverage, hampering scouts’ ability to spot promising players. BallTalent addresses this issue by offering an efficient way for scouts to find players that match specific criteria, such as experience level or position.

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Notably, the app is not just for scouts. Clubs can use it to monitor their games and enhance team performance. At the same time, talented players can directly register with BallTalent, ensuring their skills are visible to scouts.


The app’s success is evident as it has already helped place several female players, such as Aliyaah Allie and Jessica Wade, on the international market with teams like Glasgow City (UK) and Emek Hefer (Israel). It has also facilitated transfers within South Africa, such as Essien Makwarimba’s move from Jomo Cosmos to Mamelodi Sundowns.

With over 12 scouts, eight clubs, and more than 600 individual soccer players already on board, BallTalent is changing the game for women’s soccer and has the potential to revolutionise talent scouting across various sports. As Ndlovu expresses, the app promises to transform the relationship between local talent and scouts, opening doors for aspiring athletes.

Source: Local tech scouting app helps uncover female soccer talent

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