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MK Alleges ANC’s Plot to Dismantle Party Amid Perceived Threat



MK Party

The MK party claims the ANC is trying to destroy it because it feels threatened. In a recent development, MK won the first round of its legal battle against the ANC, with the Electoral Court rejecting the ANC’s attempt to deregister MK. EWN reports that both parties will continue their legal dispute in the Durban High Court on Wednesday over ownership of the “uMkhonto weSizwe” trademark.

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MK supporters celebrated outside the Johannesburg High Court, while ANC supporters disappeared after the ruling. MK’s founder, Jabulani Khumalo, sees the victory as a chance to strengthen their support. He ensures compliance with regulations, which contrasts with the ANC’s approach.

Meanwhile, the ANC cancelled a media briefing at Luthuli House, suggesting possible shifts in strategy.

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Electoral Court to Deliver Verdict in ANC vs MK Party Case

Picture: X / MkhontoweSizwex

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