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Roodepoort Plunged into Darkness Following Fatal Attempt to Steal Power Cables in Joburg



blackouts in roodepoort

Blackouts in Roodepoort have left residents in Florida, Hamberg, and surrounding areas without power after a tragic incident involving a Joburg man attempting to steal power cables resulted in his death. According to City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena, the charred remains of the suspected cable thief were discovered inside a substation on Tuesday morning. IOL reports that it is suspected that the individual attempted to break into the substation, leading to a fatal electric shock. Mangena noted that the substation sustained significant damage and may require extensive repairs. As a result, the substation has been isolated to facilitate investigations by authorities.

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Police and inspectors are on-site to conduct further inquiries into the incident. Operators cannot begin restoration efforts until law enforcement agencies conclude their investigation and clear the crime scene. Assessments of the damage are underway to determine the necessary steps for restoring power to affected areas. Mangena expressed sympathy for the deceased’s family while condemning the disregard for the electricity infrastructure displayed by the attempted theft. He stressed the dangers associated with tampering with live substations and the impact on communities.

IOL has contacted the SA Police Services for comment, and updates will be provided as the story develops.

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Picture: X / City of Joburg

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