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Johannesburg Residents Accuse McDonald’s of Dumping Rubbish in Their Community




Residents of the Lindokuhle Mnguni Occupation in Rosherville, Johannesburg, are outraged, accusing McDonald’s of dumping waste in their community. According to Radio Islam, this pollution prompted them to organise strikes last Monday and Wednesday. During the protests, residents blocked South Rand Road. Although the police response was non-violent, some taxi drivers reportedly assaulted community members.

Established a year ago, the Lindokuhle Mnguni Occupation comprises 150 homes and was initiated in early February last year. It was named after Lindokuhle Mnguni, leader of the eKhenana Commune in Durban, who was assassinated in August 2022.

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Residents claim that affluent individuals from Elandspark, building contractors, and businesses, including fast-food giants like McDonald’s and KFC, contribute to the waste problem by dumping refuse in their area. They allege that this occurs significantly, with McDonald’s reportedly dumping waste every Monday and Friday. Additionally, they state that dumpers have resorted to threats of violence when confronted about their actions.

The Occupation vows to persist with strikes until their demands are met, adamant about not relenting until their community’s concerns are addressed.


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Picture: Facebook / McDonald’s

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