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South Africa Turns to China for Insights on Power Crisis



China to help with the power crisis

South Africa’s issue with load shedding has prompted Minister for Electricity Kgosientsho Ramokgopa to look to China to help with the power crisis.

According to allAfrica, Ramokgopa recently announced that China would provide a “major grant” of solar panels and generators to address South Africa’s energy challenges. While specific details of the agreements are yet to be revealed, Ramokgopa’s visit to China included meetings with companies such as Shanghai Electric, Goldwind, and Huawei.

The power shortage in South Africa, caused by an ageing infrastructure and alleged mismanagement, has led to daily power outages and concerns of a complete grid collapse. The government has implemented scheduled power cuts to mitigate the crisis, negatively impacting businesses and citizens.

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China, South Africa’s largest trading partner, has offered support and expertise in renewable energy. China’s ambassador expressed willingness to send technical experts and highlighted China’s status as a leading country in hydro, wind, and solar power.


While Western countries have provided funding for South Africa’s renewable energy transition, experts see China’s assistance as unconditional. Although concerns about the terms of help exist, experts stress the potential benefits of cooperation between China and South Africa to alleviate the power crisis.

As discussions continue, the specific details of the cooperation and its impact on South Africa’s energy situation remain to be seen. Nonetheless, the offer of assistance from China has been welcomed amid the country’s ongoing energy challenges.

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Picture: Facebook / Kgosientsho Ramokgopa


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