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Updated Tshwane Load-Shedding Schedule Now Available



Tshwane load-shedding schedule for 22 February

Here’s the updated Tshwane load-shedding schedule for 22 February:

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Stage 4 load-shedding will start from 05:00 until further notice. Power outages can affect your alarm and security systems. Here are some safety tips to consider:


Ensure all alarm batteries are charged and operational. Backup batteries typically last about eight hours but may vary based on usage and age.
Check that your electric fence has a backup battery to remain active during outages.
When using generators, never operate them indoors, including garages, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
Be vigilant when arriving or leaving home at night, as street lights and outdoor lighting may not be functional during outages. Keep a torch in your car for emergencies.
Secure all automated gates and doors, and consider installing battery-operated lights for illumination.
Keep fire extinguishers handy, especially with the increased use of candles and gas lighting devices.
Have motorised gate keys accessible and use high-quality padlocks as backups.
Save your security provider’s number in your phone and keep it charged at all times for emergencies.

Source: Here’s the updated Tshwane load-shedding schedule

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Picture: Meta / The City of Tshwane


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