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Eskom Accused of Squandering Taxpayer Money by Challenging Load Shedding Exemption Ruling: Mashaba



load-shedding exemption ruling

Action SA expresses disappointment with Eskom’s decision to appeal the load-shedding exemption ruling that spared schools, hospitals, and police stations from load shedding.

Last month, the high court in Pretoria declared the rolling power cuts unconstitutional, resulting from a prolonged legal battle initiated by various political parties and civil organisations, according to EWN.

Eskom argues that the judgment is too vague, asserting that the orders are ‘either unlawful, dangerous, or impossible to implement.’

The court’s landmark ruling mandated Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa to ensure essential public facilities avoid crippling power cuts.

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Despite criticism from some energy experts, Eskom contends that the court’s interference with the duties of organs of the state disrupts the separation of powers.

ActionSA President Herman Mashaba deems Eskom’s appeal against the declaration of load shedding as unconstitutional a blatant waste of taxpayer money.

“It is well documented how communities across South Africa have been adversely affected by load shedding – when police stations’ telephone lines don’t work, hospitals fail to take care of sick patients when the lights go off, or studies are interrupted at schools when they fail to have access to power,” Mashaba emphasised.

He added that the country enjoying the festive season without load shedding proves political will can end the darkness.

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