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Updated Tshwane Load-Shedding Schedule: Eskom Implements Stage 3-4 Until Further Notice



Tshwane load-shedding schedule

Here’s the updated Tshwane load-shedding schedule. Eskom has announced the implementation of stage 3 and 4 load-shedding until further notice, disrupting residents’ daily routines in Tshwane.

The load-shedding schedule is as follows: 

  • Stage 3 load-shedding commences at 05:00, 
  • Stage 4 follows from 16:00 until 05:00. 

Citizens are encouraged to stay informed by referring to the updated schedule, which can be found on various platforms, including social media.

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When facing power outages, it’s essential to consider the impact on security features. Alarm systems, for instance, heavily rely on backup batteries, and ensuring their proper functioning is crucial. Additionally, electric fences should have backup batteries to continue functioning during outages.

For those using generators, operating them in well-ventilated areas outside the home is imperative to avoid the dangers of carbon monoxide emissions.


Street lights and outdoor lighting may be compromised during load-shedding, making it essential for residents to exercise extra caution when arriving or leaving their homes, especially in the evenings. Keeping a torch in the car is advisable for added safety.

At home, securing automated gates and doors becomes paramount during power disruptions. Additionally, increased use of candles, gas, and other lighting devices increases the risk of fire hazards. Residents should keep home fire extinguishers accessible and install battery-operated lights strategically.

Practical measures such as having keys to motorised gates readily available, ensuring good-quality padlocks are on hand, and programming emergency contact numbers into cell phones contribute to overall safety during power outages. Keeping cell phones fully charged and having a backup power source for communication is essential for residents to stay connected and secure during challenging power situations.

Source: Here’s the updated Tshwane load-shedding schedule

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