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Ramokgopa Seeks Legal Clarity on the Constitutionality of Load Shedding



Ramokgopa seeks legal clarity

Minister of Electricity Kgosientsho Ramokgopa seeks legal clarity on the directive from the Pretoria High Court regarding the unconstitutional nature of load shedding. Last month, the court ruled that load shedding violated fundamental human rights and ordered Ramokgopa to take reasonable steps to ensure that critical government services are no longer affected by power cuts by the end of January. Ramokgopa clarifies that he is not challenging the ruling but is returning to the High Court to understand the expectations placed on him. He questions whether rolling out 30% of the power station qualifies as reasonable action and highlights the need for clarity to avoid contempt of court allegations.

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The court specified that hospitals, schools, and police stations are among the public institutions Ramokgopa must ensure are not affected by load shedding. Despite efforts to slow down load shedding in December, Ramokgopa acknowledges that load shedding is inevitable as Eskom transitions to a mix of stages 1 and 2. While emphasising ongoing efforts to improve the generation system through planned maintenance, he cautions citizens that load shedding remains a reality. Ramokgopa underscores the intermittent nature of the power supply, with periods of no load shedding followed by days of load shedding, reinforcing the message that the system remains unreliable despite continuous efforts for improvement.

Source: Ramokgopa seeks legal clarity on load shedding unconstitutionality

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