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‘It’s Nonsense’: Energy Expert Deems Heatwave Excuse for Stage 6 Load Shedding Unacceptable



Energy expert Mthunzi Luthuli

Despite official assurances of progress, energy expert Mthunzi Luthuli contends that South Africa’s ongoing struggle with load shedding persists, with no tangible improvement in generation capacity or the adverse effects of blackouts. While Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa suggested that all was on track, Eskom’s reduced load shedding from Stage 6 to Stage 4 hasn’t alleviated concerns. Engineer Mthunzi Luthuli expressed scepticism, stating that political statements are merely attempts to manage public discontent and downplay failures. As per IOL, Luthuli emphasised that the situation isn’t improving, and there’s little expectation of relief during the festive season.

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Addressing Eskom’s attribution of Stage 6 load shedding to a heatwave, Luthuli dismissed the explanation as unacceptable. He challenged the reasoning behind a sudden spike in demand of over 1,500MW, supposedly due to increased use of air conditioners during the heatwave. Luthuli criticised the tendency to blame weather conditions, labelling it as “nonsense” and highlighting historical patterns attributing load shedding to hot summers and cold winters. Eskom’s head of generation, Bheki Nxumalo, had linked the load shedding to the heatwave, citing heightened demand for air conditioning and fans.

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