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City Power Dismisses Strike Allegations, Denounces Threats Against Employees



claims of a strike

City Power, the state-owned public utility, has refused to acknowledge the claims of a strike and condemned threats of violence sent to its employees by an unidentified group of associations.

IOL reports that City Power’s spokesperson, Isaac Mangena, quickly addressed the situation on Wednesday, disclaiming that the utility was not cooperating with contractors as advertised by the unknown association.

Mangena stated that City Power does not have any clue about the association to that extent and has considered involving the police to inquire about and arrest the person or people who are responsible.

Mr Imпумзе asserts that City Power has been functioning as usual since Monday, even though false claims are being made about him.

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The City Power signed up with 65 contractors to assist in repairing the infrastructure, and Mangena highlighted that all operations are running smoothly.

Moreover, he promised to tighten the security provisions, which he said would safeguard the employees and contractors against disruptions.

Mangena once again mentioned that City Power will mitigate the problem by addressing fraud, corruption, and low quality.

Still, Mangena admits that some actors could raise grievances. However, this is done through existing channels and regular consultations with contractors where any problems are tackled.

Contrary to the strike claim, City Power has proactively planned an event for the contractors. This event will address potential issues related to audits and subcontractor payment, demonstrating the organisation’s commitment to transparency and open communication.


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