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Passing of ‘Friends’ Actor Matthew Perry Sends Shockwaves



Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry, best known as Chandler Bing from “Friends,” passed away suddenly at 54, leaving a profound impact in Hollywood and beyond. Perry’s portrayal made him a global icon during the show’s ten-season run from 1994 to 2004.

According to eNCA, the actor was found unconscious in a hot tub at his residence. Despite first responders’ efforts, he couldn’t be revived. While Perry had struggled with addiction and health issues, his untimely death came as a shock to those who knew him.

Perry’s legacy reached far and wide, and tributes poured in. NBC, the network behind “Friends,” celebrated Perry for bringing laughter and wit to millions worldwide. In Canada, his childhood friend, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, remembered their schoolyard days and expressed his shock, highlighting the joy Perry brought to people’s lives.

The Ottawa Senators, an ice hockey team Perry supported, referred to him as “one of Ottawa’s proudest sons.” While the rest of the “Friends” cast remained silent, Mira Sorvino, who acted alongside Perry in “Parallel Lives,” expressed sorrow and called him a “sweet, troubled soul.”

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Personal struggles marked Matthew Perry’s life despite his professional success. He battled addiction, underwent surgeries, and used a colostomy bag for months following a burst colon in 2018.

In his 2022 memoir, Perry shared his detox experiences and the extensive efforts and millions spent in his quest for sobriety. He dedicated the book to those who have suffered.

Reports indicated no drugs and no signs of foul play. Perry’s childhood was divided between Montreal and Los Angeles. His mother served as press secretary to former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

Perry was initially a nationally-ranked tennis star. He ventured into acting in the 1980s, securing guest roles in shows like “Charles in Charge” and “Growing Pains.” He became the last and youngest lead actor cast for “Friends,” negotiating a million dollars per episode.

Although Perry’s life had its share of challenges, his legacy as Chandler Bing will forever remain in the hearts of fans who cherished the laughter and camaraderie “Friends” brought into their lives.


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