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KWV CEO replaced as wife’s lavish lifestyle on reality TV raises concerns



Boyce Lloyd

KWV, the renowned South African wine and spirits producer, has announced the upcoming departure of Boyce Lloyd as CEO, with his replacement set to take over from June 1.

IOL reports that the decision to replace Lloyd comes after his wife’s controversial appearance on the popular reality show “Die Real Housewives van die Wynlande” aired on kykNET.

KWV revealed that John Loomes would be stepping into the CEO position, citing his extensive experience and contributions to the company thus far. Since September last year, Loomes has been the interim Chief Operating Officer, assuming responsibility for various functions and reporting lines. Over the past five months, he has effectively managed the business, demonstrating his readiness to accept full accountability as CEO.

There was an initial plan for Lloyd to retire from the CEO role next year, but the change in leadership has been accelerated.

Anita Lloyd, the outgoing CEO’s wife, sparked controversy with her ostentatious display of wealth on reality TV, particularly her comments about poverty. In addition, her claims of frequent trips to London for shopping sprees at Harrods and footage shot within KWV cellars left a sour taste in many viewers’ mouths.


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Reflecting on his journey to his appointment as CEO, Loomes expressed pride in returning to South Africa from the United Arab Emirates and joining KWV. He emphasised the tremendous opportunity and his deep understanding of the entire business gained during his time as COO. Loomes envisions a bright future for KWV, highlighting the company’s passionate people, excellent brands, and commitment to innovation and growth.

KWV stands firmly behind Loomes in his new leadership role while remaining dedicated to its legacy of quality and excellence. With a focus on upholding high standards and being a trusted name in the industry, Loomes aims to expand into new areas and categories through its brands and strategic partnerships with international companies.

Outgoing CEO Lloyd expressed confidence in Loomes’ leadership, emphasising his respect and significant contributions to KWV’s growth. Lloyd believes that under Loomes’ guidance, KWV will continue to thrive and succeed, maintaining a reputation for quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service.

As the transition approaches, KWV remains committed to its position as a respected industry leader, driven by passionate individuals who uphold the company’s values and deliver excellence in its operations.


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