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Sandton Rattled by Roaring Jets



jets are creating a noise over Sandton

The jets are creating a noise over Sandton. Residents and observers are puzzled, with no official explanation for the ongoing activity, even four days after the conclusion of the 15th BRICS Summit.

According to IOL, speculations about the purpose of the fighter jets’ flights have arisen, with some suggesting that it might be a show of authority by the BRICS countries. However, criticism has also emerged, as there are concerns about the potential wastage of resources associated with flying fighter jets for an extended time.

During the past week, the Sandton community and visitors to the area witnessed and heard the fighter jets making regular passes over the Sandton Convention Centre. The source of the noise and activity remained uncertain, as there have been no official statements regarding the matter.

There were notably more security measures during the BRICS Summit, which brought together more than 50 heads of state at the Sandton venue. Law enforcement agencies were highly visible in and around the area.

Residents and individuals working in Sandton expressed their reactions to the unexpected phenomenon. Morena Mokoena, a retail shop employee, shared his initial confusion upon hearing the unfamiliar sound of the fighter jets. Mokoena’s observation of two fighter jets during his lunch break added to the intrigue.


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Mpho Malapo, an employee at a corporate company in Sandton, expressed irritation over the noise generated by the fighter jets.

The phenomenon sparked conversations on social media, particularly on the platform X (formerly known as Twitter). Users like Bo Mbinwane pondered the potential intelligence or security-related reasons for the fighter jets’ activities. Others, including Mags Heystek, marvelled at the unusual occurrence of fighter jets flying over Sandton.

Some citizens took the opportunity to criticise the government, questioning the financial implications of such displays involving expensive aircraft.

Curiously, suppose the fighter jets are indeed the property of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). In that case, considering recent reports of grounded SANDF pilots due to non-airworthy aircraft, it raises questions.


Efforts to gain clarification from SANDF spokesperson General Andries Mahapa were unsuccessful, leaving the public and observers still seeking answers about the ongoing fighter jet activity over Sandton.

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Picture: Unsplash / Timothy Newman

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