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Emfuleni’s Water Supply Restored Following Contamination Cleanup



sewage contamination

Following a sewage contamination incident, water supply has been restored in Palm Springs, Evaton, Sebokeng, and surrounding areas in Emfuleni Municipality.

Per Jacaranda FM, the recent outage affected Beverly Hills, Sonder Water, Graceland, and Lakeside residents.

Emfuleni Municipality issued a warning earlier this month urging residents to cease using piped water after discovering sewage contamination from a collapsed pipe.

According to municipal spokesperson Makhosonke Sangweni, the municipality is actively investigating the root causes of the sewage contamination in collaboration with Rand Water.

“Rand Water collected daily samples from various points within the affected areas and beyond, employing strict protocols to maintain integrity and reliability,” Sangweni explained.


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Technicians have taken several measures to address the issue, including installing valve and fire hydrants, refurbishing valve chambers, replacing valves and the Palm Spring water meter, repairing leaks within the 400 mm steel pipeline, and disinfecting the pipeline after repairs.

Experts continuously evaluate the water quality. Sangweni noted a significant improvement from high Total Coliform and E. Coli counts to zero levels.

“Residents are herein informed that there has been significant improvement in the water quality from high levels of Total Coliform and E. Coli counts to zero levels,” Sangweni said.

He also emphasised that scientists would continue to take samples for analysis to ensure that water quality is fully restored.


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