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Police Disrupt Attempted Kidnapping in Midrand – Quick Response Saves Victim



kidnapping in Midrand

In a swift operation, the police successfully disrupted an attempted kidnapping in Midrand, rescuing a woman allegedly abducted by two men. According to the South African Police Service, the vigilant officers were on patrol on December 4, 2023, when they noticed a suspicious vehicle at a filling station in Midrand. They discovered two men and one woman inside.

The woman was able to inform them that the two men had kidnapped her. According to reports, she had met one of the suspects two weeks prior in Sandton, exchanging contact information. On the agreed meeting date, the man picked her up, but during the journey, a second suspect joined, brandishing a gun. Threatened, she had to open her banking apps, leading to an undisclosed amount being transferred from her accounts.

The investigation also revealed that the weapon used was a pellet gun, and the vehicle was a rented car with false number plates. The suspects were aged 25 and 32. They will face armed robbery, kidnapping, and fraud charges before the Alexandra Magistrates’ Court on December 6, 2023.

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As the festive season approaches, SAPS has urged the public to remain vigilant, taking charge of their safety. With criminals using various tactics to target unsuspecting victims, safety measures include avoiding giving home addresses to strangers, not leaving drinks unattended in public, and being cautious about accepting food or drinks from unfamiliar individuals.


Home safety tips include knowing emergency numbers, ensuring good outside lighting, and not leaving doors open. Additionally, precautions against property theft involve:

  • Rejecting stolen goods.
  • Not leaving keys in obvious places.
  • Being cautious at ATMs, especially in isolated or late-night situations.

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Picture: X / SAPoliceService

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