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SAPS Issues Warning of Kidnapping Threat Looming



kidnapping threat

SAPS is sounding the alarm on a kidnapping threat, urging heightened vigilance during the festive season.

Over the weekend, the Alberton SAPS, in collaboration with local stakeholders, apprehended 22 suspects involved in various crimes from November 10 to 12. The charges ranged from drunk driving, shoplifting, assault, and possession of the suspected stolen property to more serious offences like business burglary, domestic violence-related assault, dealing in dagga, theft, kidnapping, and robbery.

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The suspects have been charged and presented in court. Captain Manare Ramotshela of Alberton SAPS commended the team’s efforts and reminded the community about a recent kidnapping case.

A male victim, taken from a local mall on November 11, faced assault and robbery after refusing to give his PIN to the criminals. The suspects tied him up before eventually releasing him.


A female suspect was arrested on November 12 in connection with the incident, facing charges of kidnapping, assault, and robbery.

Source: SAPS warns of kidnapping threat

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Picture: X / SAPoliceService


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