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Koeberg Delays Worry Ramokgopa, Leaving Him Upset



Koeberg nuclear power plant service delays

Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa is concerned about the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station service delays. The delays revolve around the switching off of Unit 1 in December last year for planned refuelling and routine maintenance. Jacaranda FM reports that this maintenance was supposed to take about 180 days. However, the June due date came and went due to the maintenance process running behind schedule. Adding to this concern, the plant will also shut down Unit 2 in September.

Ramokgopa’s remarks came during a media briefing on Sunday in Pretoria, where he discussed the progress in the battle against load shedding. While there have been improvements on the generation side, with an additional 1,600MW added to the power supply recently, the demand for electricity in July has been higher than expected, particularly during the winter window. The Minister clarified that this increased demand is not out of the ordinary or unexpected.

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Nevertheless, Ramokgopa expressed his worries and frustration over the continuous delays in restoring Unit 1 at Koeberg to service. The situation at the nuclear power plant has been concerning as it has affected the country’s electricity generation stability.

The unit’s prolonged shutdown has been challenging to manage, and authorities are diligently working to resolve the issues causing the delays.


Ramokgopa’s concern over the Koeberg nuclear power plant service delays reflects the gravity of the situation and the importance of resolving the maintenance issues as quickly as possible.

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