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Alert Issued by DEMS as Thunderstorm Approaches



thunderstorm alert

The City of Ekurhuleni Disaster and Emergency Management Services (DEMS) firefighters and rescue teams are on high alert as they issue a thunderstorm alert, responding to the heavy downpours expected around the city and province as forecasted by the South African Weather Services (SAWS).

A level two severe thunderstorm warning, accompanied by large amounts of small hail, damaging winds, and excessive lightning, is anticipated over Gauteng, including Ekurhuleni. Teams closely monitor flood-prone areas, including low-lying bridges, informal and formal settlements next to water streams, and subway bridges that might be negatively affected.

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Residents and everyone in the vicinity are advised to remain vigilant. Safety hints include:

  • Avoiding low-lying bridges and roads.
  • Steering clear of crossing flooded roads and swollen streams.
  • Maintaining a good following distance while driving due to poor visibility.
  • Avoid damming waters on the sides of the streets.

It is also recommended not to leave trenches open. They can act as death traps for unsuspecting children. Refraining from fishing or playing golf is also advised. They are good conductors of electricity. People should be alert for falling trees and debris.

In life-threatening emergencies, residents are urged to call (011) 458 0911 so that the nearest rescue team can be dispatched for intervention.


Source: DEMS issues a thunderstorm alert

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Picture: Unsplash / Michał Mancewicz

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