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Gauteng Residents Bracing for Severe Thunderstorms as Emergency Services Remain on High Alert



thunderstorms in Gauteng

An alert has been issued for the impact of severe thunderstorms in Gauteng, potentially bringing various weather hazards to the region.

According to The Citizen, these thunderstorms arrive following a weekend of scorching weather, further adding to the region’s climatic unpredictability. Gauteng Weather, the regional weather forecaster, has released a notification about the impending adverse weather conditions.

The South African Weather Service predicts the occurrence of these thunderstorms on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, with a 60% chance of rain. The potential threats associated with these Gauteng thunderstorms encompass hail, strong winds, heavy downpours, and localised flooding.

SAWS has also issued impact-based warnings for multiple regions, underlining the severity of the anticipated weather conditions. Notably, an Orange Level 5 warning has been declared for severe thunderstorms affecting several areas. These areas include:

  • the extreme southeastern portion of the North West Province,
  •  southern parts of Mpumalanga, 
  • the Gauteng Highveld, and
  • the northwestern sections of KwaZulu-Natal. 

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Within these regions, heavy downpours may lead to severe lightning, localised road flooding, settlement inundation, and low-lying area submersion. Other possible conditions encompass small hail and intense, damaging winds. In addition, the eastern parts of the Free State will also experience severe weather conditions.

Saws has additionally issued a Yellow Level 2 warning, applicable to regions within eastern and central portions of both the Free State and North West, as well as the southwestern territories of Limpopo, northern sectors of Gauteng, the Mpumalanga Highveld, and central and eastern zones of KwaZulu-Natal. In these areas, severe thunderstorms featuring heavy downpours that may induce localised flooding are anticipated.

The imminent arrival of these storms is likely to influence traffic conditions, prompting advisories for motorists in the area to exercise caution, adhere to prescribed speed limits, and maintain a safe following distance. Particular attention should go towards avoiding flooded areas.

Collaborating with its dedicated water-related unit, the City of Johannesburg Emergency Services remains on high alert, diligently monitoring all seven city regions to respond to potential thunderstorm-related emergencies swiftly. Residents, especially those residing near river streams, are counselled to practice caution and refrain from proximity to these watercourses during the stormy weather. Special consideration is urged to ensure the safety of young children near river streams. The community is encouraged to remain vigilant and heed the guidance provided by local authorities for a safe passage through this period of severe weather.

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