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Pikitup Considers New Waste Collection Methods Amid Ongoing Worker Strikes



Pikitup workers

Local parts of Johannesburg may not complete waste collection on Friday as Pikitup workers are on strike. Employees said they will only cease once permanent job stability is guaranteed.

On the other hand, refuse removal trucks at Randburg depot were resting yesterday while casual workers held a strike concerning contractual disagreements. In an exclusive interview with Eyewitness News, they shared that they felt more like employees on contract rather than permanent employees because they had been at the institution for close to ten years without internalising.

Through the placards and push brooms, spillage and refuse vans were nowhere to be seen in Braamfontein on Wednesday, 3rd of September, as the members of the workers got stuck in streets, dumped the bins and obstructed their designated route from emptying. The struggle that the workers engaged in began with a protest, which was to insist on a permanent contract of employment being offered.

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“The disruption will continue as normal if they are not resolving it,” the worker said. At the meeting, employees expressed that the number of depots participating in the strike would increase.


On the other hand, Pikitup pointed out that they were in discussions with workers to make them permanent workers of their organisation. Muzi Mkhwanazi, said spokesperson, pointed out that there were other means through Pikitup. They are still in talks. Pikitup attempts to reach out to the public and apologises for the inconvenience caused by the ongoing service interruptions. Furthermore, it publicly assures the residents of the practical and factual ways the disruptions are addressed.

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