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Centurion Sinkhole Solution Set for Completion by June



Centurion sinkhole

The Centurion sinkhole on Clifton Avenue has continued to expand, causing significant disruption to the surrounding area. The site previously had fences enclosing the area, but they were damaged or removed. The metro said the fences were moved temporarily to allow for working space, and provisional fencing was used to protect the area after working hours.

For three weeks from mid-April, the hospice adjacent to the sinkhole site suffered from repeated sewage leaks that flooded parts of the premises. Nikita van der Westhuizen, a resident working in the mining, construction, and mineral processing industry, expressed concerns about the site’s safety. During a site visit on May 9, she noted the lack of proper health and safety measures.

“From a safety point of view, this whole area is supposed to be cordoned off,” van der Westhuizen stated. She emphasised the high risk of unauthorised entry, which could result in severe injury or death. There were no barricades or safety signage at the site near the school. The metro explained that fences were moved temporarily to allow for working space, with provisional fencing used after hours.

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Despite safety concerns, the Centurion Hospice expressed relief that the repeated sewage leaks had stopped. Spokesperson Hyla van den Berg mentioned that the leaks had previously cost the facility thousands in cleaning and sanitising materials. Ward councillor David Farquharson explained that a siphon was installed to prevent blockages causing sewage leaks. He noted that the blockages had caused surrounding properties to clog up and that the city had cleared the line.


Farquharson said the final pipe should be connected by Wednesday, and piling would follow to ensure stability. He acknowledged the high cost of addressing a sinkhole of this size and the time required for rehabilitation. Metro spokesperson Lindela Mashigo confirmed that the sewage line repair was a permanent solution. Mashigo explained that recent rains had caused delays by further destabilising the bridge. The only feasible solution identified was piling, with work expected to be completed by June.

Source: Solution for Centurion sinkhole to be completed by June

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