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Orderly AGM Passes Stern Test for LFA



stern test

The Alexandra Northrand Local Football Association (LFA) held its annual general meeting (AGM) amidst what delegates described as a stern test of its orderliness. Secretary General Malvin Khumalo received commendations for his handling of the proceedings. Previous gatherings were marred by disruptions and bitter exchanges, often leading to chaos or postponement. However, this time, the meeting proceeded smoothly, with only a few points of order raised maturely.

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LFA President Joe Seanego praised the members for their dignified conduct, emphasising the importance of amicable behaviour. Delegates expressed surprise at the meeting’s orderliness, suggesting it reflects positively on the association’s transparency and inclusiveness. The commendation extended to Malvin Khumalo underscores the success of the AGM, which concluded efficiently and peacefully.

Source: LFA’s orderly AGM passes stern test

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