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Power outage sparks anger and indignation in Kibler Park



Kibler Park residents

At a public meeting, Kibler Park residents expressed their absolute rage and anger to address City Power’s failure to provide adequate service. The meeting, organised by DA Clr Matsobane Sekhu, was attended by around 200 frustrated residents who had experienced prolonged power outages, cable theft, and delays in power restoration. However, City Power’s representatives, who held acting roles, demonstrated their ineptness during the two-and-a-half-hour gathering.

Residents voiced their frustrations and shared stories of the detrimental impact the unreliable electricity supply had on their lives. The consequences were far-reaching, from business losses to damaged appliances, spoiled food, disrupted education, and compromised security. In addition, the meeting saw residents raising crucial questions concerning overloaded substations, insufficient security measures against cable theft plans for purchasing power from Independent Power Producers (IPPs), employment of foreign nationals instead of local labour, and the extended duration of power outage repairs.

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City Power’s responses fell short of addressing the residents’ concerns, leading to increased dissatisfaction. The lack of transparency and accountability was evident, and residents demanded more substantial answers from City Power’s executive board. To the residents’ dismay, City Power claimed it had no budget. The meeting ended with a commitment from the residents to hold a follow-up meeting on June 7, where they expected City Power to send out decision-making executives who could provide concrete actions and timelines.

The Kibler Park residents’ determination to seek immediate action and accountability from City Power remains strong, with a promise to double the attendance at the next meeting. The residents demand clear answers and tangible solutions, leaving no room for meaningless platitudes or inaction. As this ongoing battle for reliable electricity continues, the residents of Ward 125 are determined to hold City Power accountable and ensure their voices are heard.


Source: Lights out causes rage and indignation in Kibler Park

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