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Sabotage at Eskom Under Investigation



Sabotage at Eskom

The South African Police Services are currently investigating over 1,500 reported cases of sabotage at Eskom, the country’s electricity provider.

Providing an update, Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa emphasized that law enforcement agencies are gaining ground in the battle against this troubling trend as reported by eNCA.

Minister Ramokgopa revealed that since April of last year, a total of 126 individuals have been apprehended in connection with these acts of sabotage.

Addressing the broader challenges faced by Eskom, the minister stressed the ongoing focus on combatting fraud and corruption within the utility.

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Sharing specific figures, Minister Ramokgopa stated, “From 1 April 2022 until the present, a staggering 2,147 Eskom-related cases have been reported to the South African Police Services, with approximately 1,586 of these cases currently under investigation.”

He further added, “Since the aforementioned period, we have achieved 126 arrests. While progress may be gradual, it is undoubtedly meaningful, reflecting our commitment to tackling these pressing issues.”

The minister underscored that in addition to seeking technical solutions to address Eskom’s challenges, the government is diligently working to address underlying problems, including fraud, corruption, and security issues plaguing the utility.

Efforts to curb sabotage and restore stability to Eskom remain a top priority as the authorities strive to safeguard the vital electricity supply infrastructure upon which the nation relies.

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