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ANC’s Tina Pettersson’s Family Seeks Private Funeral – Reasons Revealed



The family of Tina Pettersson, a former minister and ANC member of parliament, allegedly chooses to have a private funeral instead of a public one, signalling a rift with the African National Congress.

ANC comrades have visited the family to pay their respects following Pettersson’s death, but the circumstances surrounding her passing remain unclear as reported by Opera News. Even the ANC has refrained from disclosing the cause of her death. Pettersson was one of three ruling party members implicated in a bribe scandal amounting to R600k.

According to Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane, Pettersson allegedly attempted to solicit a bribe from her husband via WhatsApp to make a section 194 inquiry disappear. During the conversation, she also implicated Richard Dyantyi and Pemmy Majodina in the plan.

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Following the news of Pettersson’s death, some individuals on social media speculated that her demise would bury the bribery allegations, as she was the one who made them public. These speculations raised suspicions and prompted debates about the true nature of her passing.


While some critics suggested the possibility of suicide, given the controversy surrounding her political career, others argued that Pettersson was out of character to take such a drastic step.

The decision to hold a private funeral, away from public scrutiny, has sparked further speculation and discussion. Some have attributed the choice to cultural preferences, stating that as an Indian, Pettersson’s family might have a tradition of private funerals that the ANC should respect.

As no official explanation has been provided regarding the cause of her death, the private funeral is likely to fuel more speculation and uncertainty surrounding Pettersson’s untimely passing.

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