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Dolce Colour Fest 2023: A Vibrant Celebration of Colour



Mark your calendars for a dazzling experience like no other as Dolce Colour Fest returns to captivate you with its vibrant atmosphere, pulsating music, and sheer jubilation! Calling all youngsters aged 12 to 16, save the date of Friday, 23 June 2023, for this spectacular event as reported by

What Awaits You at Dolce Colour Fest 2023?
Held at the prestigious Jeppe Quondam, this extraordinary festival guarantees an unforgettable time that will engulf you in a kaleidoscope of colours, leaving you brimming with unadulterated happiness.

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Dolce Colour Fest is a unique blend of live music performances and an exhilarating colour powder party. Prepare to be enthralled by an electrifying lineup of both local (Timo ODV) and international DJs who will ignite the stage with infectious beats and energetic mixes.

Participants will receive bags of non-toxic, eco-friendly colour powders as the music fills the air. Join the collective celebration and let the vibrant hues soar! To secure your place at this extraordinary event, visit the official ticketing page, with tickets available at R200 per person. Embrace the opportunity to be a part of Dolce Colour Fest, where music, colours, and unforgettable memories converge in a riot of unadulterated joy.


Please note that this event is exclusively for individuals aged 12 to 16.

Important Information: 

Address: JEPPE QUONDAM is located 79 Boeing Road East, Bedfordview

  • NO Sexual Behavior
  • NO Alcohol
  • NO External food or beverage allowed in
  • NO Vaping or Smoking
  • NO Drug use
  • NO Leaving area without a parent OR guardian fetching child/children
  • NO Big bags allowed in and will be searched
  • Random searches are permitted
  • Doors open again at 10pm
For Q&A’s please go to Read: 

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Photo: Instagram / @dolce_u16parties

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