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Randburg Library Empowered with Nestle Bar-One’s Solar Solution to Combat Loadshedding Disruptions



Randburg Library

To combat the daily disruptions caused by load-shedding, Nestle Bar-One has collaborated with the City of Johannesburg to implement a sustainable energy solution at the Randburg Library. The City of Johannesburg reports that the initiative aims to ensure an uninterrupted power supply to the library, enabling students and researchers to study and work without hindrance.

Loadshedding has been a persistent challenge for libraries, hindering their role as crucial educational and research spaces. Nestle Bar-One has installed a comprehensive energy solution at the Randburg Library, including a solar system, inverter, and generator as a backup plan to address this issue. This system will not only provide consistent power but also contribute to reducing the library’s carbon footprint.

The permanent energy solution was unveiled on Tuesday, 2 August 2023, in the presence of key stakeholders. Section 79 Chairperson Cllr Margaret Arnolds, Executive Director of Community Development Vincent Campbell, Cllr Julie Suddaby (of Ward 77), and the Director of Libraries, Nobuntu Mpendulo, were among those who witnessed the launch.

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Cllr Lubabalo Magwentshu, the Mayoral Committee for Community Development member, expressed his satisfaction with the initiative, highlighting the importance of technological advancements in addressing challenges like load-shedding. He also thanked Nestle Bar-One for their involvement in this significant project.


Nontando Khubisa, Nestle Bar-One’s Brand Manager, highlighted the positive impact of the backup power system on the Randburg community and its surrounding areas. The initiative coincides with Nestle Bar-One’s commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of residents.

Rosalie Ambrose, the Head of Public Relations and Events – Corporate Communications and Public Affairs East & South African Region at Nestle, explained that the company launched the campaign in May to empower libraries. She further highlighted that the initiative aimed to provide libraries and students access to uninterrupted online services and safe spaces for learning.

As the Randburg Library becomes equipped with a reliable and sustainable energy solution, this collaboration between Nestle Bar-One and the City of Johannesburg sets a positive precedent for other institutions and businesses to take proactive steps in tackling challenges posed by load-shedding.

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