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Don’t Miss the Bonsai Show



Don't Miss the Bonsai Show

Bonsai enthusiasts, mark your calendars for an extraordinary event hosted by Suikerbos Bonsai Kai. On September 30, from 08:00 to 15:00, the Village Garden Nursery in Brakpan will be abuzz with the captivating beauty of meticulously crafted bonsai trees, making it an occasion not to be missed.

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This regional show promises to be a visual delight, showcasing the finest bonsai specimens from the region. What’s more, entry is absolutely free for the public, offering everyone a chance to immerse themselves in the artistry of bonsai. The event will feature a regional new talent competition and an artisans competition, where skilled bonsai artists will demonstrate their styling prowess.

In this captivating showdown, eight accomplished artisans boasting 10 or more years of bonsai experience will compete against each other, each representing their respective clubs. Additionally, 12 talented newcomers with less than a decade of experience will participate in the new talent category. These competitions will inspire and educate attendees, offering valuable insights into the bonsai world.

For those looking to deepen their bonsai knowledge, there’s an opportunity to attend bonsai demonstrations and engaging talks, accessible for a modest fee of R70. This is a chance to learn from experienced bonsai practitioners, providing valuable tips and guidance for bonsai enthusiasts of all levels. Moreover, attendees will have the chance to explore various tools and accessories available for purchase, ensuring they have the necessary equipment to nurture their bonsai creations.


For bonsai owners seeking advice or facing specific challenges with their trees, the event warmly welcomes them to bring their beloved bonsai for personalised guidance and assistance.

The Village Garden Nursery, the scenic backdrop for this event, is conveniently located at 82 Koot Street, Withok Estates. To learn more about this exciting bonsai showcase and open day, please get in touch with 079 502 2972 or 084 924 3820. Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating world of bonsai and witness the artistry of skilled bonsai artists.

Source: Bonsai show not to be missed

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Photo: Supplied by Brakpan Herald

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