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Energy Expert Highlights Sabotage as a Key Driver of Blackouts in South Africa



energy expert says sabotage is a key driver of blackouts

An energy expert says sabotage is a key driver of blackouts in South Africa. Mark Swilling has praised the recent arrests of individuals implicated in Eskom-related crimes, stating that it is a positive move towards rooting corruption at the power utility. According to eNCA, Swilling adds that there is a renewed sense of urgency in the fight against corruption at Eskom from the Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa. Still, more needs to happen to ensure that sabotage at Eskom is a thing of the past.

“We know that sabotage has been a key driver of moving up the stages of load-shedding,” Swilling said, highlighting the link between sabotage and blackouts. He also noted that the exposure of cartels, press reports, and subsequent investigations led to these arrests.

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Swilling suggests that more information is needed to understand the extent to which the decline in stages of load-shedding relates to the decline in sabotage. He emphasises the need to address sabotage at Eskom to ensure that the power utility can operate efficiently and effectively.

“All sorts of dynamics are at play here, but one thing I think we should consider getting more informed about is to what extent did the decline in the stages of load-shedding relate to the decline in sabotage,” Swilling said. “We also know that the exposure of the cartels, press reports, and subsequent investigation reports is leading to these arrests.”


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