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RE/MAX Offers Tips for Hosting Rugby World Cup Game Day Gatherings



Rugby World Cup game day gatherings

RE/MAX shared tips for Rugby World Cup game day gatherings to guarantee an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Here are some top tips to enhance how you host a game day:

  1. Check the Load-Shedding Schedule: Before kick-off, ensure that load-shedding won’t disrupt your viewing pleasure. Consider investing in a backup power solution like a battery and inverter system to keep the lights on.
  2. Rearrange the Lounge: Optimise your viewing space by reconfiguring your lounge. Rearrange furniture so that all seating faces the TV directly, ensuring everyone has an unobstructed view. If there isn’t enough space, create seating layers with different height options, providing clear sightlines for all guests.

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  1. Showcase Your Support: On South African match days, deck out your lounge in Springbok regalia to support the national team. Embrace deep shades of green, which are currently on-trend. Consider adding Springbok knee blankets for extra comfort in the colder weather.
  2. Don’t Forget the Snacks and Refreshments: No game day gathering is complete without delicious snacks and refreshments. Stock up on fan-favourite treats and drinks to satisfy your guests throughout the match.

For those longing to host the ultimate game day gathering but facing space constraints, RE/MAX suggests considering alternative venues. Finding a new home in time for this year’s matches may be challenging. But you have four years to search and save for the next Rugby World Cup. Consult with a local real estate professional to help you take steps toward realising your dreams.

With these tips, rugby fans can look forward to unforgettable game day gatherings filled with thrilling matches and memorable moments.

Source: Rugby World Cup: How to get your home ready for game days

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