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AI-generated track with Drake, Weeknd about Selena viral



In a world where artificial intelligence is becoming more advanced by the day, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing the rise of AI-generated music. One recent example of this is a track titled “Heart on My Sleeve,” which features the voices of popular Canadian artists Drake and The Weeknd and is the product of the creative artist known as “Ghostwriter” as reported by Hypebeast.

The track went viral after Drake responded to another AI-generated rap using his voice. The realistic quality of “Heart on My Sleeve” has made it the subject of discussion on social media and popular on streaming services.

The song itself features references to The Weeknd’s romance with Selena Gomez, with lines like “Got these pearls on my neck, got these girls on my check like Selena baby.” It also includes Metro Boomin’s signature “If Metro don’t trust you, I’mma shoot ya” producer tag. The track is carried by piano chords and a bass-forward beat, with Drake rapping about his ex and The Weeknd singing about throwing his heart on his sleeve.

While some may be sceptical about AI-generated music, “Heart on My Sleeve” is just one example of how technology is changing the music industry. As AI continues to evolve, we may see more and more artists incorporating it into their creative process, resulting in entirely new sounds and styles of music.

Photo: Facebook / @XO.

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