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Burna Boy’s Concert in South Africa Officially Cancelled



Burna Boy concert is officially cancelled

The eagerly anticipated Burna Boy concert is officially cancelled. This decision comes after recent reports indicated that the show had been rescheduled from September 23 to December 16 due to disappointing ticket sales.

Briefly News reports that the cancellation announcement came through a post shared by famous entertainment blogger Phil Mphela on Twitter. According to the post, TicketPro, the ticketing agency for the event, has ceased all ticket sales. The official reason cited for the cancellation was the “inability for the promoters to fulfill their contractual, financial, production, and technical obligations.” Notably, production vendors involved in the event had reportedly not been paid on time.

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This development has ignited a flurry of reactions on social media, with many users referencing Burna Boy’s previous controversies in South Africa. Some pointed to his contentious history with the late rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, which played out in a highly publicised Twitter feud. Others expressed relief at the concert’s cancellation, interpreting it as a form of accountability.

South African social media users offered diverse opinions, with some celebrating the decision as a way to hold artists accountable for their actions. In contrast, others reflected on past disputes involving Burna Boy. This cancellation has undeniably left a lasting impact on South Africa’s entertainment landscape, underscoring the intricate dynamics within the music industry and the enduring consequences of past controversies on artists’ careers.


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