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Health Department Launches Investigation into Case of 84-Year-Old Restrained to Pretoria Hospital Bed



84-year-old man was restrained on a hospital bed in Pretoria

An 84-year-old man was restrained on a hospital bed in Pretoria, resulting in the national health department investigating the matter. The incident left him with visible dark red and purple bruises on his arms. The national health department on Wednesday said it would authorise a probe into Abram Holtzhauzen, allegedly being tied to a hospital bed in the inner city of Pretoria and forced to endure the cold winter breeze with limited movement.

According to Abram’s daughter, staff restrained him due to his repeated stints of pulling out his catheter. Rea Thusa/We Help CEO spokesperson Virginia Young expressed shock and dismay at the treatment of Abram Holtzhauzen at the Tshwane district hospital in Pretoria. Young revealed that the elderly man was discharged last week after being found forcefully bound to his bed at the hospital. Holtzhauzen’s hands were reportedly tied so tightly that they turned purple and bloody, and they also restrained his legs while he was near an open window with the cold wind blowing over him.

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When Magda, Abram’s daughter, visited him in the hospital, she found him unfed and freezing. The staff had not provided him with a blanket to cover himself. They had tied his hands, making him unable to feed himself or drink water. Magda alleged that her father struggled to breathe and coughed due to being made to lie flat on his back. She requested the nurse to loosen the restraints, but she could not. Magda stated that her father was treated poorly and restrained when he arrived at the hospital.

Abram was initially admitted to the district hospital due to blood pressure issues. However, Magda decided to take him to Steve Biko Hospital after witnessing the mistreatment and restraints. The Gauteng Department of Health has yet to respond to inquiries from Pretoria Rekord. Still, the national department spokesperson, Foster Mohale, stated that the matter had been noted, and authorities at the health facility will conduct an investigation.


Source: Health dept to probe case of 84-year-old restrained to Pretoria hospital bed

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