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‘Artistry’ by J’Something: An Exceptional Blend of Dining and Performance




The latest venture from local musician and songwriter J’Something has arrived. The Artistry restaurant, located in the heart of Johannesburg’s Sandton district, is a unique establishment that merges the worlds of food and entertainment. J’Something, renowned for his musical career, is equally passionate about the culinary arts and performance.

Artistry promises to be an all-in-one entertainment destination where individuals can share their talents and inspire others. The restaurant’s grand opening on February 25th was a great success. J’Something revealed his plans to create a cultural platform combining the culinary, cinematic, theatrical, and musical arts.

The venue will not only provide a dining experience but will also host monthly flagship events. These events will showcase the country’s best musical talents, and Artistry Live is one event limited to 100 guests, including dinner.

J’Something envisions the restaurant as a platform for creatives of all kinds and hopes the restaurant will become a hub for artists, musicians, and performers. The restaurant’s unique concept and commitment to showcasing local talent have gained public and media attention. J’Something’s passion for food, music and the arts shines through in the restaurant’s launch.

Artistry’s opening is a testament to J’Something’s creativity and drive to create a unique space where food and entertainment merge to create an unforgettable cultural experience. If the successful launch is anything to go by, Artistry looks set to become a hub for Johannesburg’s artistic community.


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Picture: Facebook / Briefly – South African News

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