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WATCH: Crocodile Crashes Picnic and Steals Cooler Box Filled With Beer



Crocodile Crashes Picnic (1)

The video capturing a crocodile crashing a picnic, and taking possession of a cooler box filled with beer has gone viral. It is still uncertain at which game reserve the incident occurred. However, the footage shows the reptile at the picnic site with the box, and it seems to have claimed it as its own.

The individual from the group recorded in the video is heard trying to lure the crocodile back into the water, where a second crocodile is observed lurking. He is heard saying, “Now come on croccie, this is not playing cricket.”

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Three other members of the group, including two women and another man, can be seen in a safari vehicle. One of the women radios for help and mentions that they are enjoying drinks at the dam.

As the video continues, the crocodile can be observed swimming in the water with the cooler box, apparently relishing its newfound possession.


Check out some comments of viewers who enjoyed the viral video of the crocodile crashing the picnic on Instagram:

“@kaldindevries – Even crock loot in South Africa”

“@watermelxn_wxman – Even crocodiles are learning to hijack”

“@m_a_qasim17 – Croc be like “EKSE KYLE I GOT SOME BEER! CAMEWAY WE DALA LEKKER BRU!”😂”




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Image: By @dalaucrew / Instagram

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