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Is Tshwane facing a Covid-19 outbreak? Health authorities urge residents to get tested



Tshwane residents urged to test for Covid-19

The Gauteng Health Department is urging Tshwane residents to take the Covid-19 test following a recent increase in positive cases. In March, there were 5,246 Covid-19 patients in the province, 506 of which were from Tshwane. However, April saw a significant decrease in reported Covid-19 cases, with only 1,982 cases.

Dr Kabelo Seema, a medical practitioner in Mamelodi, has noticed that many people mistake Covid-19 symptoms for flu symptoms. So he advises anyone who thinks they have the flu to take a Covid-19 test to be sure. He also recommends that the community prioritise self-care and get plenty of rest.

It is crucial to undergo laboratory testing to differentiate between flu and Covid-19, as both are highly contagious respiratory diseases that present similar symptoms, according to Gauteng Health spokesperson Motalatale Modiba.

To reduce the spread of flu and Covid-19, getting tested and taking preventive measures is essential.

Source: Tshwane residents encouraged to test as Covid 19 infections spike


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