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Last Week’s Police Operations Lead to Numerous Arrests in Pretoria



police operations in Pretoria resulted in numerous arrests

Last week, police operations in Pretoria resulted in numerous arrests relating to drug possession, driving under the influence, immigration act violations, and selling liquor illegally. SAPS spokesperson, Captain Daniel Mavimbela, said the focus of the two operations, O Kae Molao (Operation Shanela) and Vhuthu Hawe, was to assist in curbing crime and fostering a sense of security among residents. These operations targeted various areas of Pretoria, from Olievenhoutbosch and Silverton to Sunnyside and Akasia.

Operation Shanela, which translates to “sweep,” targeted the areas of Olievenhoutbosch and Sunnyside. The operation started on Thursday and concluded in the early hours of Sunday. The primary focus of this operation was on areas requiring particular intervention due to high crime rates. The success of Operation Shanela in Sunnyside is due to the dedication of the detectives who conducted a suspect raid in Tshwane. Their relentless efforts led to the arrest of 229 suspects out of the 242 individuals targeted. On Saturday, the police apprehended 46 undocumented individuals. They arrested 14 motorists for driving under the influence, while they caught two others possessing drugs.

Operation Vhuthu Hawe took a more localized approach, with individual police stations partnering with local law enforcement agencies. The main aim was to enhance police visibility and execute actions discouraging unlawful activities. In Sunnyside on July 10, authorities arrested one suspect for drug-related offences. They apprehended two others for driving under the influence. Law enforcement officers conducted searches of 128 persons and 30 vehicles. They also visited various businesses and ATMs in the area.

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In Silverton, Operation Vhuthu Hawe led to the arrest of 26 undocumented persons. The police conducted searches on 228 individuals and 88 vehicles. The operation extended to Akasia, where authorities arrested an individual for selling liquor illegally. In Hammanskraal, police closed three illegal shebeens. They also apprehended one suspect for possessing dagga and arrested four individuals for drinking in public on July 14. Additionally, the police apprehended 11 more individuals for public drinking and two for possession of dagga. In Garsfontein, the operation resulted in the arrests of two individuals for drunken driving, eight for public drinking, and one for shoplifting.


The enforcement activities in Olievenhoutbosch involved searching 1,758 persons and 1,077 vehicles. They searched 751 persons and 414 vehicles through various enforcement measures, including roadblocks, stop-and-searches, raids, and foot patrols. Authorities discovered an employer illegally employing undocumented individuals and second-hand goods dealers fined for failing to comply with regulations. The operation further led to the arrests of individuals found possessing illegal substances, such as nyaope, mandrax, cocaine, and 32 bags of dagga.

Major General Azwinndini Nengovhela acknowledged SAPS members for their commitment, hard work, and dedication to creating a safer community. Mavimbela said that all the suspects arrested during the operations would soon appear in the Pretoria Magistrates Court.

Source: Police operations lead to numerous arrests

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