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President Ramaphosa apologises to Hammanskraal residents



Cyril Ramaphosa apologised to Hammanskraal residents

President Cyril Ramaphosa apologised to Hammanskraal residents for the government’s failure to provide clean drinking water, addressing the community during his visit to the area on Thursday.

As per SAnews, President Ramaphosa began his visit by inspecting the Rooiwal Wastewater Treatment plant, where he discovered the ageing infrastructure, including rusty pipes and a machine in poor working condition.

Ramaphosa said regarding the government’s flaws, “We are sorry that we have not been able to provide you with the basic human right of clean water, and that it has taken the lives of people. We have not lived up to your expectation, and we are now going to do things right.”

The President also noted the irregularities surrounding awarding of tenders for the repair and extension of the waterworks. He emphasised the need to end the awarding of tenders to unskilled individuals.

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Addressing the issue of infrastructure maintenance, President Ramaphosa stressed the importance of adopting a maintenance culture throughout the country. He urged South Africans to prioritise proper facility maintenance to ensure long-term functionality.

Regarding short-term interventions, the President announced that the maintenance and expansion of the Rooiwal Wastewater and Temba Water Plants would cost R4 billion and take approximately three years to complete. In the meantime, the City of Tshwane will continue to provide tanker water to the community.

To expedite progress, President Ramaphosa revealed that Magalies Water would assist with the construction of small water works in Hammanskraal, with a completion timeline of six months.

The President also called on Gauteng Premier, Panyaza Lusufi, to recruit and train young people as water wardens to oversee the maintenance and management of water facilities.

Finally, President Ramaphosa recognised the need for immediate action, apologised for the government’s failures, and outlined plans to address the water crisis in Hammanskraal, emphasising the importance of infrastructure maintenance and the involvement of skilled individuals to ensure clean water to the community.


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