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Gauteng nursing students to continue protest at Baragwanath Hospital



Gauteng nursing students

Gauteng nursing students are taking a stand and demanding that the provincial Department of Health provide them with a stipend until their next exam in November. However, the department stated it could not fulfil this request due to the hefty price tag of R8 million. As reported by Eyewitness News, the students’ frustration has led them to continue their protest at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital today, following what they describe as miscommunication between them and the Department of Health regarding practical work placements.

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According to the Gauteng Department of Health, the academic program for nursing students will conclude in May, and they will only be placed at medical facilities once they write their exam in November. While the department acknowledges that the students are open to the exam timeline, they are adamant about receiving a stipend until then. However, the department argues that funding the stipend would create a precedent for nursing students and exceed their budget, estimating a cost of over R8 million.

The students expressed dissatisfaction with the department, claiming they initially received promises of support but felt misled due to the department’s change in position. Determined to find a resolution, the students have resolved to continue their protest until the department addresses their demands.

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