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Eskom Enforces Varying Stages of Load Shedding Amid Power Struggles



various stages of power cuts on Monday

Johannesburg: Eskom announced the implementation of various stages of power cuts on Monday due to a breakdown in some of its generating units.

Per 702, load shedding commenced with stage one at 5 am on Monday and will persist until 4 pm. Following this, the nation will transition into stage three of the rolling power cuts, which will be in effect from 4 pm until Tuesday morning.

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Eskom spokesperson Daphne Mokwena expressed gratitude to those citizens who are responding by using electricity more sparingly and efficiently. She highlighted the importance of switching off geysers and pool pumps during peak hours (17:00 to 21:00), as these measures alleviate demand and help alleviate pressure on the power system. These actions, in turn, contribute to lowering the severity of load-shedding stages.

The ongoing challenges faced by Eskom, including breakdowns in generating units, have necessitated these measures. The utility company has urged South Africans to remain vigilant and continue conserving energy to mitigate the impacts of these power cuts.


While Eskom works to stabilise its power generation, citizens are encouraged to stay informed about the current load-shedding schedules and adapt their electricity usage habits accordingly.

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