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Eskom Seeks Over R200 Billion for Crucial Electricity Grid Expansion



Eskom is seeking over R200 billion

Amid South Africa’s pressing energy crisis, Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa has revealed that Eskom is seeking over R200 billion for essential expansion and reinforcing its strained electricity grid.

Speaking at the BRICS Summit in Sandton, Ramokgopa acknowledged that Eskom currently lacks the independent funding necessary for the rapid and extensive electricity generation efforts needed. He expressed the nation’s optimistic outlook toward partnering with British countries to secure the funds crucial to alleviating South Africa’s energy challenges.

Notably, the Minister pointed to China’s potential support in reducing emissions from coal-fired power plants. He also highlighted the importance of developing a comprehensive financing plan to enhance transmission infrastructure to accommodate the integration of renewable energy sources.

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As South Africa grapples with ongoing load-shedding woes that impact homes and businesses alike, China has stepped in to provide aid. The Asian giant is donating equipment to around 500 public facilities in South Africa to ensure an uninterrupted alternative power supply and shield these vital institutions from load shedding.


The generous donation encompasses a range of equipment, including generators, power supply vehicles, and off-grid photovoltaic (PV) energy storage systems. This contribution aims to enhance the resilience of essential establishments like clinics, hospitals, and police stations against power outages.

During the BRICS Summit, Ramokgopa announced the signing a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) with eight Chinese entities. He stated, “Over 500 public facilities…are now going to have access to uninterrupted alternative power supply, and thank you to the Chinese for the generous contribution. [The equipment] range from 6kw up to 200kw [and] 200kw can support a clinic and a medium-sized hospital, so this is true relief to the South African people.”

Source: Eskom seeks over R200bn to expand strained electricity grid – Ramokgopa

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