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South African Government, ANC, and Political Parties Advocate for Peace Talks Between Israel and Palestine Amid Renewed Conflict



peace talks between israel and palestine

The SA government and political parties call for peace talks between Israel and Palestine.

According to EWN, the Department of International Relations is concerned about the recent violence. It stressed the urgent need for a credible peace process.

South Africa supports a two-state solution as the most feasible path to resolving the protracted conflict over occupying Palestinian land.

The death toll surpassed 1,000 since the “surprise attack”. This incursion prompted Israel to respond with renewed airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.

The ANC sympathised with Palestinian reactions to Israeli actions. The ANC also insists on affirming United Nations resolutions and international law.


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The Economic Freedom Fighters issued a statement emphasising the crucial need to prioritise the safety of women, children, and civilians in the conflict.

Saftu, a significant labour federation, cautions Israel against further escalation of violence and demands an end to its occupation of Palestine. Zwelinzima Vavi, Saftu’s general secretary, strongly criticises Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s commitment to a “merciless war” on Hamas.

Trevor Shaku, Saftu’s spokesperson, highlights that the occupation’s escalation has led to increased brutality against Palestinians. Israeli forces and settlers routinely kill Palestinians, demolish homes, make unjust arrests, and disrupt essential services such as health and education.

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